Action Photography Composition and Techniques

Science of photography has a lot of shooting technique where images are divided into different types of make a lot of things that must be studied to obtain maximum image results and appropriate to the target. Techniques aim at one of the most widely used and require a lot of requirements to be able to do well are a technique that requires the photographer capture the action to be able to shoot fast with a good image. Action photography techniques become more fun to do because it has many challenges and opportunities limited time. The point is, the photographer should take a snapshot of timely and targeted. With high-speed action, the photographer was asked to be able to take clear pictures.

One event that requires someone to take pictures quickly is when sporting events. Impressions sport that relies on accuracy and speed for each within seconds has left a score does require a shutter speed as fast as light. DSLR cameras capture the higher end upwards of 10 frames per second is a tool that can help capture a good image. Expression when added score is what the most commonly drawn pictures. Therefore, the shutter speed becomes what is dependable in taking action photos. to obtain maximum results, the following is the basic technique for photographers to take photos of action.

1 – Vertical VS horizontal orientation. They are the means for holding the camera to get good results. you can hold a DSLR camera in the traditional way (left hand under the lens, right hand along the right side of the body) as opposed to the old way of shooting vertically (left hand under the lens, right hand on top of the camera because the camera was rotated 90 degrees to the left). You are advised to take a quick picture like sports, to use the camera vertically to get the full picture and height, rather than a wide and empty.

2 – Individual versus the group. You can use the image vertically if you take photos of individuals, and if you take pictures of fast motion of a group, you can use the image horizontally. Because this is a shooting technique that requires speed, then you as a photographer should also be responsive to the image that you want to take. Hand exercises to make you conform on subject of the picture to be targeted are what you can do to upgrade the level viewfinder.

3 – The Rule of Thirds. The world of photography, there are terms of The Rule of Thirds, which means that if you divide the frame into thirds vertically and horizontally and place the subject where the lines intersect, the resulting image more interesting. If you want to produce an image that seemed to move, this is a rule that can be followed.

4 – Emotion. This is what makes a photograph sports are becoming increasingly attractive and inviting a lot of attention to be able to enjoy the pictures. Do not just focus on the object that is played by athletes, but you should be able to look for opportunities where an athlete’s emotions can be expressed very well. for example when a player scores the ball, then seek the proper angle to take a good picture when he was called for his success scores, when running around the field to show the feeling of happiness, when he was hugged by his teammate, and so forth.

Overall, you as the photographer were asked to be able to steal a good opportunity and respond to any situation that relies on speed.

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