Smartphone Technology Inventions That Are Worth to Wait

As we all know, smartphone can be considered as one major gadget for many people nowadays. Because of that reason, many brands are trying to manufacture the best smartphone for all of their customers. Of course, the smartphone technology inventions are also becoming one thing that all of those brands concern about. That is because all of those new inventions on the smartphone can be considered as the major attraction that will attract people’s attention to buy their smartphone. if you are curious about the inventions that you can get from the newest generation of smartphone, then here are some upcoming inventions on smartphone that are worth to wait.

The first one is the flexible screen. This is something that many people love, especially those who are seeking for the simplicity from their smartphone. That is because this smartphone can be easily folded into the smaller size. The smartphone technology inventions can be considered as 50 percent complete since there are already some phones that can change its shape into the smaller size. The second invention is built in projector. Basically, this kind of feature has been chipped in many digital recorders nowadays. That is because most of them will surely love to watch the things that they have recorded earlier. However, since smartphone is becoming one major thing that many people have, this kind of technology is also trying to reach the market of the people with smartphone.

The last one is the voice control; the most prepared one that you can get. That is because nowadays you can access many applications using the voice control. However, it turns out that accessing application is not the limitation for the voice control. That is because the smartphone technology inventions of using the voice control are trying to control more things just using your voice on the smartphone.

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