Alternative Fuel Vehicles

oil barrels like cars on a road, the first is green, concept of renewable energy (3d render)

The availability of petroleum as the basic ingredient of gasoline that is not balanced with the needs of the automotive world that is increasing every day, making the community and relevant parties should have the correct solution. Is by using alternative fuels as a substitute for crude oil. During this, an alternative fuel which is known only a few, such as gas and electricity. But actually there are other options and their respective advantages that you can customize.

1- Pure electric. Almost all the vehicles that support environmental preservation using electricity instead of gasoline. It was chosen because electricity has a very easy way of charging. If it is up, simply plug in, leave it in a few hours, and then ready for reuse. In addition, zero emissions and only spend a small fee that comes down on utility bills. Although they should have consequences to pay back in fuel cost savings, and tax savings as well in many areas, they are still a great investment for life.

2-Plug in hybrid: they work exactly like a traditional hybrid, but it has additional options that can be plugged into a power source overnight. Plug in hybrid capable of providing a longer durability than regular hybrids. So that the fuel is able to suppress the use of existing fuels.

3- Hybrid. The hybrid vehicles are classified into several types more. But generally, these vehicles run on both conventional fuels and electricity, and have both types of motors in the engine bay. Although they have an electric motor and a battery bank you never really recharge them. The battery is actually charged from behind the wheel movement, and even gathers energy when the car slowed down through a process called regenerative braking.

4- Compressed gas. The fuel is often known as liquid petroleum gas or LPG. And that means, that the fuel has a much lower emissions and generally also much cheaper. A car that burns gasoline could easily be converted to use the type of fuel. Once converted will happily burn both gas and liquid fuels are compressed or “dual fuel.” This means you do not have to worry about running out of gas compressed if you are in an area where the inventory is not easily obtainable. This is a good backup fuel, and full of understanding.

5- Bio fuel in your regular car. This way, you can change the ‘lifestyle’ your car from now on. General bio fuels produce less harmful emissions, and they do not use up valuable resources. They are not always cheaper, though they will get cheaper, but they are much better for the planet. Another relief is that this fuel is not ‘playing favorites’, so that any type of fuel you use for your current conventional vehicles, the bio fuels have the option to adjust.

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