How to hold SLR camera as well as possible

SLR camera that is currently become one of the goods shall be owned by a lover of photography, has a number of advantages that add to the level of your satisfaction. Convenience, comfort, and flexibility that would make anyone users can easily use a SLR camera. How to use it could be learned through a guidebook that you get when you buy this camera. However, this camera is required to hold a higher accuracy because if there is the slightest mistake, then you will feel the impact of less favorable, both to the camera, and to yourself as a holder. Generally, the error in holding the SLR resulted in faster hand feel sore and even result in blurred photos or not as they should. For that, you should know how to hold a true SLR camera as written below.

1 – Use right hand to grip the right end of the camera. Your forefinger should sit lightly on the shutter release, the three other fingers curled around the front of the camera. Your right hand should hold tightly but without the power that can damage the camera. Your right thumb can grip the back of the camera as the key to strengthen the handle.

2 – Position your left hand will depend on your camera, but in general should support the weight of the camera. Typically, to support the weight of the camera to take pictures by sitting, so to minimize the possibility of bad happens, like falling.

3 – If you are shooting through the view finder to line up your shot, you’ll have a good camera and close to your body that will add extra stability but if you use the LCD make sure you do not hold your camera is too far away from you. Ways that you can shoot accurately without having to keep the camera are: bend your elbows to your side and lean the camera out a bit of your face (about 30cm).

4 – Adding extra stability by leaning against a solid object such as a wall or tree or to sit or kneel. This is more pressing possibilities such as: damage to the image because when shooting, your body wobbling and shaking which was an undesirable thing.

5 – In addition, you can perform respiratory settings when taking pictures. Take a gentle but deep breath, hold it, then take the shot and exhale. This will add stability while aiming and produces good quality images with no wobble.

6 – Other things you can do are wrap your camera strap around your right hand for additional support. It is actually a good habit to always keep this practice. Because we never know when the possibility of accidents happening SLR cameras, is not it?

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